Pamela Lawton Wilson’s number one priority is solving clients’ legal needs in the most effective and affordable way possible. Statistics demonstrate that more than 90 percent of legal disputes are resolved outside the courtroom, without ever going to trial. This means businesses, employees, individuals and government agencies are best served by lawyers who devise an efficient plan to resolve legal issues from the date of the first consultation. Ms. Wilson works with clients to design a solution that obtains the optimal outcome in the shortest time and in the most cost-effective manner.

Professional Services

Ms. Wilson is one of only a handful of lawyers in California who have obtained accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) program. The LEED rating system sets rigorous standards for constructing buildings according to sustainable practices. An increasing number of jurisdictions have adopted LEED standards into local codes for government buildings. Ms. Wilson is available to assist clients with the legal needs of sustainable and green businesses and projects.

Ms. Wilson also has extensive expertise in campaign finance, ethics and lobbying matters. She has defended several elected officials, donors and political committees in ethics, lobbying and campaign finance matters before agencies including the California Fair Political Practices Commission and the City of San Diego Ethics Commission, convincing agencies to close investigations without charges or settle cases with significantly reduced penalties. Ms. Wilson also prosecutes and defends cases pertaining to compelling referendum elections and placement of a candidate’s name on the ballot, as well as disputes over candidate and committee statements in Voter's Guides distributed by elections officials. Ms. Wilson is a past president of the California Political Attorneys Association.

In addition to her sustainable business and political law work, Ms. Wilson has assisted clients with boundary disputes and other real estate matters, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, prevailing wage and employment disputes. Ms. Wilson also represents nonprofit corporations regarding transactional and litigation matters and has successfully defended community activists, witnesses and businesspersons hit by “SLAPP” lawsuits targeting free speech. In connection with such matters Ms. Wilson has handled civil writs and appeals, land use and governmental relations matters.

Prior to earning her law degree, Ms. Wilson was an award-winning journalist. She continues to write on legal topics and received a first place award from the San Diego Press Club.